Sue Wooster, from the Victoria Golf Club in Melbourne, has again finished runner-up at the US Senior Women’s Amateur Championship, going down by the same margin she lost in last year’s final and to the same opponent, Lara Tennant of Portland, Oregon.

57-year-old, Wooster, was up early in the 18-hole final at the Donald Ross-designed Cedar Rapids Country Club in Cedar Rapids in Iowa, the match still tied through 8 holes but 52-year-old Tennant won three holes in the middle of the round to establish a winning break.

Wooster did birdie the 13th hole to reduce the margin to just two holes but when Tarrant won the 16th, the match was over, 3&2.

“When your swing is a little bit off, you just have to learn to play by your gut,” said Wooster, who finished 40th in last year’s inaugural U.S. Senior Women’s Open. “My putting kept me in it. I had only one or two three-putts the whole week. And having said that, I didn’t really hole anything, either. Didn’t hole any 10-, 15-footers, so that was disappointing.”

“You try and be as calm and focused and have as much clarity as possible, but you are under a lot of pressure. Sometimes your body just doesn’t do what your mind wants it to, and vice versa”

The winner was full of admiration for her opponent. “You know what? Sue is a tough competitor and a fabulous golfer,” said Tennant, who played at the University of Arizona.

“Last year I honestly apologized to Sue for beating her because at this point in the game, when you’ve played 10 rounds in eight days you’re both exhausted, you both worked hard, you both played well. I really had to not be distracted and just focus on my game. You don’t get many opportunities to be in the finals of a USGA championship.”

The odds of the same two players making the final and for the winning margin to be the same as last year were extremely high and both players have displayed significant skills in working their way through the initial field of 132 players and the many more who entered the event.

In fact, it was the first occasion in the 58 stagings of the championship that the same two players had met in the final on two consecutive occasions.

Picture above Sue Wooster in action today – USGA

Lara Tennant – USGA