Lydia Ko in action yesterday – photo Harry How Getty / LPGA

A beautifully candid comment by New Zealander Lydia Ko after finishing in a share of third in last week’s LPGA Palos Verdes Championship in Los Angeles has added many more admirers to the army of golfing fans she already enjoys.

When asked by on course commentator Jerry Foltz at the completion of her final round as to whether the need to have physical therapy during her round on what appeared to be a back issue she had been suffering was a concern, Ko responded.

“I hope not. It’s that time of the month,” said Ko referring to the fact that the issue had been period pain. “I know the ladies watching are probably like, yeah, I got you. So, when that happens my back gets really tight and I’m all twisted. It’s not the first time that Chris has seen me twisted. I felt a lot better after he came.

“Yeah, there you go. I know you’re lost for words, Jerry. Honesty it is.”

During her now many years in the media spotlight and Ko’s responses to the thousands of questions she has faced in media conferences during that time, it has often been hard to isolate comments that are all that quotable, but she certainly changed that yesterday and one could not help but be delighted by her open and candid response involving the issues facing many sportswomen.

It opens the door for issues such as period pain, unique to women in any sporting arena, becoming more regularly discussed and not the taboo subject where no man or even woman has dared to tread.

Congratulations Lydia Ko for creating an environment where the raising of such issues can be more regular and more comfortable than has been the case in the past.

I now have even more respect for the world number three than previously the case and that it was a woman of her standing that was prepared to be so candid, further allows for the normalising of such discussion and creates an awareness of such issues that might not have been the case previously.